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About This Offer

This is an opportunity to promote Your Business in high quality branded content on the topic of Main Keyword to be published by K9 Magazine (example).

  • Your Business‘s brand will receive a guaranteed minimum 55,000 engaged views over 12 months from dog owners specifically interested in Main Keyword
  • The article will feature on the K9Magazine.com home page (512k unique visitors per month)
  • The content will be shared with K9 Magazine’s social media audience (44k followers/fans)
  • We will email the article to our dog owner mailing list (119k readers)
  • The article will be expertly written by us with commercial and editorial contributions from you
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Commercially Valuable Keyword Targeting

The branded content will be expertly search optimised by our experienced content marketing team and will target keyword topics such as:

  • Keyword 1
  • Keyword 2
  • Keyword 3

If you would like us to target any additional or different terms we’re always happy to consult. We target keywords based on extensive research in to search trends, demand and commercial value. But nobody knows your business better than you.

Article Engagement Data

Guaranteed Audience For This Branded Content (12-Months)


Engaged Views

This is the number of times the branded content is read by engaged users. This audience comes from people who search for the topic online, people who receive a link to the article via email, people who click on the article via social media and people who click on the article via our website. To be counted as an engaged view, the user must scroll at least 51% of the article and stay on the content for at least 29 seconds.

How Do We Accurately Predict Engaged Views?
We project engaged view data from a number of known factors such as our known monthly website visitors, our known social media reach, the size and engagement levels of our email subscribers as well as the established interest in this particular keyword topic.

The engaged views stated in this proposal are a guaranteed minimum. There is no upper limit on how many engaged views your branded content can generate.

Engaged Views ⓘ

Keyword Value

Keyword value is the price it would cost to attain the same keyword targeted audience via pay-per-click advertising. ×
Keyword Value ⓘ

Topic Interest Score

We measure Topic Interest Score using our own suite of data analysis tools.

Topic Interest Score ranges from 1-100. 100 being the highest score.

The score is based on the long-term popularity of topic plus the trend growth of the topic. So a new trending topic may have a lower Topic Trend Score than a more established keyword topic. But if the trend is really strong, the Topic Interest Score could be very high.

An example: Topic Interest Score in a term such as ‘dry dog food’ would be solid. But a breakout trend within the ‘dry dog food’ sub-category such as ‘best organic dry dog food’ could gain a higher Topic Interest Score.

Topic Interest Score ⓘ

Domain Authority

This is the authority score of the website where branded content is published. The higher the authority score the more this benefits your own website’s rankings.

A Domain Authority score ranges from 1 to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank for target keywords.

Receiving ‘dofollow’ or ‘sponsored’ links from a high Domain Authority website increases the credibility of your own website and tends to increase search engine visibility for your existing content.

Domain Authority ⓘ


Client Branding
  • Include Your Business‘s logo
  • Design call to action box / button
  • Include Your Business‘s brand messaging
  • Include Your Business‘s web link(s)
  • Match Your Business‘s brand colours
  • Include product image(s) of your choice
  • Include strong call to action / click through button
Keyword Research
  • Identify best traffic keywords
  • Identify best commercial keywords
  • Identify keyword trends
  • Identify questions to answer
Content Production
  • Produce high quality article
  • Cite authority sources
  • Cite relevant data
  • Answer relevant search questions
Content Optimisation
  • Optimise article for high rankings
  • Include optimised heading tags
  • Optimise meta tags & schema
  • Optimise images with alt tags
  • Source quality, relevant images
  • Produce tables, graphics etc
  • Include video where relevant
  • Produce graphics for social shares
Content Analytics
  • Set up content performance tracking
  • Set up search engine rank tracking
  • Set up reporting for
Link Building
  • Identify internal backlink opportunities
  • Identify external backlink opportunities
  • Implement backlinks
  • Implement social media promotion
Content Promotion
  • Cross promote across our online network
  • Include article in email newsletter
  • Promote content across our social media accounts
  • Guaranteed minimum of Main Keyword page views

Summary of Deliverable Benefits: 

Our branded content offers SEO value, targeted audience, guaranteed lower price than equivalent PPC costs & inclusion in K9 Magazine, plus our eNewsletter(s) & social media networks.

This is extremely high quality, search optimised editorial featuring exclusive, prominent branding for Your Business.

  • Perfectly targeted audience for topic interest ()
  • Keyword optimised backlink(s) to Your Business‘s website (search engine benefits)
  • Editorial input / Your Business brand spokesperson quote(s)
  • Fully branded Your Business sponsor box with call to action button
  • Social media posts (44k followers/fans)
  • Inclusion K9Magazine.com home page (reach: 459k p/m)
  • Inclusion in K9 Magazine newsletter (119k subscribers)

Discount Offer For Your Business

This is a 12-months exclusive branded content opportunity. Your Business will be the only company mentioned in the article. Minimum page views. Plus: the search engine value of the article will boost your own website’s rankings.

Would a daily rate of just:

get your interest?

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What Is Branded Content?

Branded content is produced by a publisher / content creator (like us) in exchange for payment by a suitable brand owner (like Your Business), where the brand owner influences the content and contributes their own commercial message within the content.

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How It Works

The publisher (us), writes and optimises the content and promotes it to our own audience.

The brand owner is given the opportunity to include quotes, commercial messages, product images, web links and to talk about their product/service within the content.

With branded content, publishers can use their expertise in creating content, as well as their credibility with their own audience. Clients benefit from high-quality content shared with audiences from trusted sources, which increases visibility, trust, engagement and delivers very high value search engine benefits.

Setting up a branded content campaign on the Total Pet Publishing network will allow your editorial to appear on our premium pet websites, directly increasing awareness of your products or services with a highly engaged, targeted audience of pet lovers.

Our experienced editorial team will work with you on delivering content that we know our audience will respond positively to. We’ll perform audience research & make sure your key messaging is clearly communicated.


Branded content enables you to reach the pet owners who want to read & learn about your business, products or services.

Whether you’re an agency, large brand owner or a small business, Total Pet Publishing’s branded content delivers incredible results. Well written, captivating content that can be shared with a large, highly engaged audience is the best way to spread your message.

Clients use our network for a variety of commercial goals such as:

  • Driving high-quality, ultra-targeted traffic to their website
  • Building awareness of their brand
  • Increasing sales
  • Improving their website’s rankings in the search engine results pages

If you want to reach beyond search & social networks to access new audiences who all share an interest in pets, then branded content is the most effective way to do it.

Will I Get Lots Of Sales?
Branded content is not about making a direct sales pitch. It is not an advert in the old-fashioned sense.

Branded content is about facilitating trust in order to make future sales with considerably lower friction.

Well placed branded content on a website whose audience overlaps with your ideal customers increases visibility & awareness of your brand, builds trust and helps to drive sales in direct and indirect ways.

Search Engine Benefits
Branded content is an extremely powerful way to boost your own website’s search engine positions & traffic for specific keywords via authoritative backlinks from a highly relevant source.

So if you can imagine your own website moving in to more prominent search engine positions for keywords that are highly relevant to your product, this is an incredibly powerful driver of new sales from customers who might not have discovered you previously.

Because your website is linked to from our high authority site from a topic that is extremely relevant, the search engines respond to this by ranking your website more prominently for keywords related to the branded content topic.


A very positive experience, combining passion & expertise with a great of understanding the commercial requirements of a partner.

– Andrew Nevitt, Product Consultant, Co-op Pet Insurance

I never expected to benefit from such a wide-spread support when I signed up.
You can tell the obvious pride in the service they provide. Thank you for offering us the opportunity to work with you!”

Patti Valletta, Owner, Old Monterey Inn, California

The service is great. I’ve never worked with a company that set us up so quickly. I also appreciate the help and patience provided when it came to the billing. Thanks so much!

Lily Bissonnette, Sales Manager, Cartier Place Suite

One of the friendliest and most proficient companies we’ve ever worked with. I was approached with a recommendation that one of my clients do some marketing with them. I did some research and found that their products are a perfect match for my client. They provided me with fast and easy to follow directions and within 2 days we had my client up and running. Never have I worked with a company that produced so quickly.

Allison Wills | Account Executive LMA Communications Inc

About Us

Our network of pet content channels has generated over 1 BILLION page impressions since 2000. That’s more than two decades of experience talking to pet owners about the things they care the most about.

Our experience in the digital world of pet owners is unrivalled. We understand what pet owners like to engage with.

We understand how to position your brand in a way that will generate the best returns for your marketing spend.

Who We Work With
Over the past two decades our expert online marketing team has helped to increase online visibility for these pet brands and many others:

Animal Health Pet Nutrition Retail & Insurance
Bayer Mars Petcare Pet-Supermarket
Merial Purina Medic Animal
Novartis Friskies Animal Friends
Pfizer Cobbydog Petplan
Adaptil Autarky Direct Line
Animal Health Trust Royal Canin George Barclay
Beaphar Hill’s Pet Nutrition The Co-op
CVS Group Pet Munchies NFU Mutual
Boehringer Ingelheim Nutriment Tesco
Merck Nature’s Menu Furbo