Exit Full Page Takeover

The exit full page takeover ad is powerful. REALLY powerful.

To see the power of this form of advertising, simply hover your cursor as if you were about to shut down this page…(look for the red ‘x’ in the top right corner to shut down the exit ad and return to this page)

This ad product is able to offer something that any advertiser would want – traffic. Guaranteed, targeted traffic.

You don’t need to worry about whether your creative will generate a good click through rate. You don’t need to worry about wasted ad spend. In short, our website visitors become YOUR website visitors.


  • Immune from adblockers
  • Direct source of targeted traffic
  • You get traffic from every visitor who reads a specific (content relevant) article on our site
  • Direct users to specific pages on your website – e.g. sponsor an article on dog training and re-direct visitors to your dog training products section, sponsor an article on pet insurance and re-direct visitors to your pet insurance product.
  • Due to exit intent dynamic, advert does not interrupt or annoy the user
  • The ONLY type of advertising with a 100% click through rate!