Examples of Our Advertising Products

Total Pet Publishing Advertising ExamplesWe have been matching our clients with tailored advertising solutions since 2000. We know our audience, we understand our clients and we know what works for both parties. We work extra hard to offer our clients highly engaging advertising products that gain more attention, more clicks and enhance, not detract, from our user’s experience. Our bespoke, tailored advertising products produce higher engagement rates because they’re different.

See some of the examples of our unique, innovative and attention grabbing advertising solutions.

Overhead Push Bar

The overhead push bar is a visually arresting, high impact method to ensure your content is seen and noticed.

View Overhead Push Bar Demo

Sidebar Push Box

Not your usual run of the mill sidebar advert. This one really captures attention (and clicks!). Try out the demo to see why.

View Sidebar Push Box Demo

Exit Full Page Takeover

This ad product is able to offer something that any advertiser would want – traffic. Guaranteed, targeted traffic. Seriously powerful and you need to see it in action.

View Exit Full Page Takeover Demo

Exit Full Page Video Takeover

Video is seriously powerful. Our exit intent full page takeover ads are seriously powerful. What happens when you combine both? Take a look and imagine your brand getting the full benefits of this unique advertising method.

View Exit Full Page Video Takeover Demo

Targeted Video Overlay

Across our network of pet websites we have thousands of pages of articles covering all aspects of the pet ownership experience. By placing your carefully crafted video message on highly targeted articles you get the best of both worlds in terms of the most powerful type of advertising in front of users who are interested in what you have to tell them.

View Targeted Video Overlay Demo